UCLA SEA Admit Weekend 2020

April 17 – April 19


GalaxSEA of Possibilities

As people embark on their quests of self-discovery and betterment, they can face that aim to oppress them and limit their growth. This year, SEA Admit aims to teach newly admitted SEA students that they each embody their own “GalaxSEA of Possibilities:” the potential for exponential growth and a limitless future in the face of adversity. SEA Admit’s vision, through this weekend, is to foster a community between staff, newly admitted students, and the greater Southeast Asian population built on relationships centered around supporting each other on our journeys of exploration and self-realization.

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Galax<strong>SEA</strong> of Possibilities
What is <strong>SEA Admit</strong>?

What is SEA Admit?

Southeast Asian (SEA) Admit Weekend is a program that invites newly admitted students to visit the UCLA campus, experience life in the dorms, and learn more about the many academic, professional, and social opportunities the university has to offer. SEA Admit Weekend allows students to build a community in college before they start classes in the fall. This once-in-a-life-time opportunity provides students a better understanding of the bigger community awaiting for them at UCLA and what it means to be a true Bruin.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding SEA Admit Weekend, please do not hesitate to email seaadmit@gmail.com.

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