Christine Pham

Westminster, CA

3rd Year | Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology | Minor: Asian Languages and Culture with a Concentration in Korean

Christine Pham is one of the three co-chairs for SEA Admit Weekend. As an attendee three years ago, Christine did not expect SEA Admit Weekend to have such a long-lasting and powerful impact on her college experience and personal development. SEA Admit was the first time Christine was challenged to think about her Southeast Asian identity and how that affected her, and it was also her first exposure to campus life, the student community, and her future family at UCLA. She fell in love with the program (this is her fourth SEA Admit!) and has been involved every year in some capacity. As a program chair, Christine overlooks the development of the twelve components, works with UCLA administrators and faculty, and ensures that SEA Admit will be an incredible experience for its attendees. SEA Admit has given Christine an amazing support system and has also fueled her desire to give back to unserved communities and to advocate for current issues in her own community. Christine is also involved in the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA as the Education Coordinator, where she is able to use her voice as a platform to encourage young minds to attain higher education and to SEAk greater heights. When Christine is not dreaming of medical school, she is usually occupied by thoughts of her favorite things: food, tea, her friends and family, Grey’s Anatomy, Korean entertainment, Gallant, and dogs. She is super exSEAted to SEA you all at SEA Admit Weekend!

Danny Pham

Santa Ana, CA

4th Year | Majors: Psychobiology and Economics

My name is Danny Pham and I am a graduating senior double majoring in Psychobiology B.S. and Economics B.A. My narrative began when i stepped onto UCLA campus for the first time through the SEA Admit program. It was an eye opening and amazing experience that made me really want to come back to UCLA and experience this friendly and supportive climate. The program taught me about the many community conditions that SouthEast Asians encounter within their lives and educational aspirations; many of which I or my friends back home experienced as well. I never realized that so many of those issues were broad systemic problems that our community faced. I learned more about the intersectionality of cultures and identities that really allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable expressing my own identity. As a white facing queer Vietnamese American, I could check off many different identities. The community I found here allowed me to embrace who i was while feeling comfortable to share who I am to the welcoming community here. Upon coming to campus, I immediately joined the Vietnamese Student Union and heavily involved myself with the many different programs and experiences that the Vietnamese Student Union offers. I found a family and made life-long memories with the many folks I’ve met. I’ve contributed to SEA Admit every single year except last year, where instead, I was the President and Internship Director of the Vietnamese Student Union. All these experiences really made me want to come back to SEA Admit as a Co-Chairperson to oversee the program and make it an amazing last experience as part of my education experience here. There’s been so many great experiences here at UCLA, but my favorite had to be the student activism present on campus. The last few years, we helped pass the Diversity Requirement, a mandatory UCLA wide course that addresses diverse topics to help students be more open minded, and referenda that increases many services on campus, such as 24 hour gym, more access to free food for those who can’t afford food on campus, scholarship opportunities, and additional assistance to veteran and nontraditional students. All these experienced contributed to a unique 4 year experience here at UCLA that I would not have traded. All this came from the fact that SEA Admit opened my eyes and inspired me to take part in community activism and student leadership here at UCLA.

Michael Ly

Kansas City, MO

4th Year | Major: Physiological Science | Minor: Food Studies

Hi future SEA Admit attendees! I am so excited to meet y’all during SEA Admit Weekend this year! You know, I’ve been apart of this program, being a Family Head, then being Family Head Coordinator, and now being a Co-Chair for this program even though I’ve never been to the program myself (shameful, I know #alltheregrets). When I’m not programing for VSU, I work two jobs, and volunteer with Pre-Dental organizations! My favorite thing about UCLA has been all the amazing friends I have made and of being the 37th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night Director. Fun facts about myself? You can hear my voice from Royce Hall when I sell 85 C Bread.