The masterminds behind it all, the Co-Chairs are the head-honchos of the entire staff. They work hard to develop and manage their staff in order to pull off a successful weekend. They also work with UCLA staff and administration to make sure the weekend goes smoothly. They are a force to be reckoned with.


Co-Chair || Fallbrook, CA | 4th Year | Psycho-Biology Major

Hi Everyone! I’m Deanne, one of the Co-Chairs for this year’s 10th Annual Southeast Asian Admit Weekend. I’ve been involved with SEA Admit throughout my undergraduate career and even before as an attendee (5 years now!). SEA Admit had a profound impact on my decision to attend UCLA. I was unsure of where I wanted to go to college; it was hard to decide where I wanted to commit to for 4-years because I didn’t want to end up hating it later on. But all of my worries went away, the second I stepped foot into registration for SEA Admit Weekend. I was greeted by enthusiastic students who made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and like I belonged. The weekend was life-changing for me, I made friends with my SEA Admit family, some of whom I became roommates with and still remain some of my closest friends. I left the weekend knowing that if I were to attend UCLA, I would be supported in so many ways; I wouldn’t be alone in my transition into college. But the program was much more than making connections and relationships, it jumpstarted my passion to explore my culture and heritage, which over the years, strengthened my relationship with my parents. I was able to learn about my own Southeast Asian identity; a concept I was ignorant about, but something I secretly yearned for growing up. Although I was surrounded by a strong support system back home, I was never challenged to explore my Vietnamese identity. My experience at SEA Admit Weekend left me empowered and determined to explore the side of me that I once took for granted. (So much so, I even became involved in Vietnamese Culture Night at UCLA. Shout out to WeTRADLA!)

Being a part of SEA Admit, I hope to inspire incoming students, the same way those student leaders had when I attended the program. It is always such a pleasure to see past students attend UCLA and be involved with the program in later years. It not only thrills me to see their growth at UCLA, but also, their desire and continued enthusiasm to give back to the program. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be a Co-Chair this year and lead 31 amazing, hardworking student leaders in the planning of the centennial year of SEA Admit. I am so excited for you all to attend SEA Admit Weekend and experience all of the hard work they have devoted the past three months into planning!


Co-Chair || Westminster, CA | 4th Year | Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Attending SEA Admit as a high school senior changed my life. It reinforced my decision to attend UCLA and exposed me to the myriad of issues unique to the Southeast Asian community that I never knew existed or felt were appropriate to discuss. I’ve met my best friends and roommates through SEA Admit, experienced personal growth and professional development, and have refined my identity. SEA Admit taught me to open up dialogues about my internal battles, familial struggles, and community conditions. Since then, I have been committed in advocating for the SEA community and promoting higher education among youth as the Education Coordinator for the Vietnamese Student Union. Within SEA Admit, I have been a Logistics Coordinator and a Family Head. This year, I am one of the co-chairs of this incredible program, which means I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful, dedicated staff to create a memorable experience for UCLA admits, and I hope they love it as much as I do so they can carry on the legaSEA. To my future baby bruins, I’m so excited to SEA you all soon!


Co-Chair || Richmond, CA | 3rd Year | Environmental Science w/ a Concentration in Environmental Systems and Society

Hi, everyone! My name is PwintPhyu Nandar. I was born in Yangon, Burma and moved to the Bay Area when I was 6. I didn’t think much of being a Southeast Asian immigrant growing up, but I had a vague idea that it largely shaped my identity. I went to a low-income high school in Richmond, where there were predominantly Black, Latino, and Southeast Asian students. Through my interactions with my peers, I became aware of the struggles faced by other people of color and the importance of one’s identity. I also developed my Southeast Asian identity as I made friends with Mien students and learned that we shared similar histories and experiences. While I was unable to attend SEA Admit, my experience in high school and the fact that I got a call about SEA Admit inspired me to be more involved within the Southeast Asian community in college. I became a Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR) intern my first year where I learned more about what it means to be Southeast Asian. I also volunteered as a workshop facilitator for SEA Admit. My second year, I was SEA CLEAR’s Wellness Coordinator, where I created workshops centered around alleviating our community health issues. As you can see, I’m very passionate about my community! I’m even more excited to continue to give back as this year’s co-chair!