Entertainment Coordinators

Our awesome Entertainment Coordinators Nina Doan and Kyle Nguyen are not only going to be spectacular MCs for our talent show, but they’re also in charge of organizing SEA Admit’s very own dance!

Entertainment || Moreno Valley, CA | 2nd Year | Psychology/Cognitive Science Major
Hey! My name is Nina Quynh Doan. I like anime, weird music, video games, plants and hand soap. Pretty random stuff that I picked up and decided “this is the good stuff” And just like these things, the SEA Admit program kinda crept into my heart and became something I care a lot about. I came to the SEA Admit program as an attendee not really expecting anything out of it. But here I am at UCLA and again, in another weirdly timed SEA Admit coord meeting talking about swipes and fog machines. SEA Admit is cool because out of it you get friendships that last not only for the weekend but also beyond our time here. There are no regrets here. The only regret will be not going to SEA Admit!

Entertainment || Orange, CA | 1st Year | Business Economics Major
When I first decided to attend SEA Admit Weekend last year, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I thought of SEA Admit as just a good excuse for me to skip class, and a good opportunity for me to get to see UCLA. Yet from the moment I got dropped off, I found out it was so much more. I was able to meet new people, create long-lasting bonds within my family, and find a community for myself within UCLA. Coming back this year as Entertainment Coordinator, I wanted to return to the program that made me feel at home at UCLA and hopefully show this year’s attendees as much fun as I had. Currently, I am involved in VSU internship and UCLA Club Volleyball, and although it is only my first year, I am glad to have chosen UCLA.