Family Head Coordinators

You’ll get to know your family heads closely, but we have our Family Head Coordinators Cathy Vu, Khoa Vinh, Diana Doan, and Brittany Nguyen to thank for their hard work in organizing these families!

Family Head Coord || Garden Grove, CA | 4th Year | Psychology Major, Cognitive Science Minor
I didn’t have the privilege of attending SEA Admit as a freshman, but I definitely was in the same boat at some point — lost, confused, and anxious. That experience was something I had to navigate myself, but I wanted to be in a position to help others so they don’t have to do it alone. So, last year, I was a family head. I had never been in such a fulfilling position before — building and growing a family and mentoring young adults and being one of their first friends on UCLA campus. This year, I added another fulfilling position into my arsenal: Intercollegiate Council Representative for the Vietnamese Student Union. I am the liaison between our organization and the mother organization of UVSA, a non-profit organization encompassing all 14 collegiate VSAs within the Southern California region. I also chose to take on the role of Family Head Coordinator in order to ready our future family heads for the students. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of staff this year and to be a part of the 10th Anniversary of SEA Admit!

Family Head Coord || Garden Grove, CA | 3rd Year | Mechanical Engineer
When I attended SEA Admit Weekend three years ago, I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to commit to UCLA. However, that weekend ended up being deeply impactful on me. Being a kid from Little Saigon, I had always taken Vietnamese culture for granted. At SEA Admit, I was challenged to think of what my Southeast Asian identity meant and how it had shaped the lives of myself and my loved ones. This program changed my perception of Vietnamese culture so that it was something I could be more proud of. Additionally, SEA Admit helped me realize that even though UCLA is such a large school, by going here, I would have a support system of friends who share similar interests and backgrounds. I have served on SEA Admit Staff for the past two years because I wanted to help the admitted students have as good of a time during their weekend as I did when I was in their shoes. As one of the Family Head Coordinators, my role is to develop and guide the family heads so that they can help make SEA Admit an incredible experience for the attendees and so that they can be wonderful mentors throughout the attendees’ college career. Separately from SEA Admit, I am the President of UCLA Circle K International, the largest service organization on UCLA’s campus. My favorite things to do are playing basketball, eating food, going to the gym, watching Netflix, playing video games, and going to concerts!

Family Head Coord || Westminster, CA | 4th Year | Sociology Major, Education Studies Minor
SEA Admit is a program that I’ve continually been involved in ever since I attended in 2014. I love that SEA Admit bridges cultures, emphasizes identity, and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their dreams. The foundation and support this community has given me is something that I will always be grateful for and want to recreate for others. As a past tour coordinator, family head, and outreach coordinator, it is my privilege to return as one of this year’s family head coordinators.
Aside from my involvements in this space, I am also the President of UCLA’s Multi-Interest Greek Council. After graduating, I will be pursing a teaching credential and hope to one day have my own classroom! My guilty pleasures include middle school throwback music, athleisure (but never really exercising), and dad jokes. Excited to welcome prospective Bruins to the 10th annual Southeast Asian Admit Weekend!  

Family Head Coord || El Monte, CA | 4th Year | Applied Mathematics Major
I never went to SEA Admit when I was a senior. I was given the opportunity, but lacked the confidence in myself to be able to put myself out there and take it. After my experience staffing my first SEA Admit, I immediately regretted the decision I had made my senior year. I was taken aback by how amazing the experience was and how inspired I became. The staff works tirelessly and relentlessly each year to give back to their community and without fail, I look at rooms full of smiling faces and know that it is worth it every time. Although I couldn’t be a grin in a crowd of eager individuals, I can be the one to bring one to a student this SEA Admit.