Fiscal Coordinators

Our Fiscal Coordinators Deandra Du and Vivian Ngo have put in maximum effort to manage and delegate the weekend’s budget by attending hearings, working on funding applications, and creating fundraisers in order to ensure money would not be an issue for not only our program, but for our attendees as well. Most notably, their dedication to this program has made 2018 the first time SEA Admit received full funding for meal swipes! Read their #SEAtories below.

Fiscal Coordinator || San Gabriel, CA | 1st Year | Political Science Major
SEA Admit taught me more than what it means to be a Bruin — it teaches every attendee that they are valued, meaningful individuals to their community and that they matter. Your Southeast Asian identity is one that you (and only you) get to define for yourself, and I learned how to do so in the backing of such a caring and inclusive space. I remember college decision-making to be a pretty scary process but, because of the networking I did and bonds I forged that weekend, I never felt like I was alone. I really fell in love with the mission of the program and the genuineness of the people who made it come to life. Now, I get to offer the same type of love, support, and $$$ for so many other future Bruins!
I also write for the Daily Bruin, volunteer for UniCamp, frequent coffee shops, help out my homies at VSU Internship, read poetry, and go people & dog watching for fun!

Fiscal || San Jose, CA | 3rd Year | Biology Major
When I first applied to college, I didn’t really know exactly where I wanted to go. I was dead set on going to a private school; but when that didn’t work out, I was almost certain that I would go to UC Davis because of the financial aid package that it offered me and its close proximity to home. However, I was contacted by one of the SEA Admit staff and was invited to attend; so I thought why not, and decided to go for the experience. Little I know that SEA Admit would change my life! That weekend, I found a supporting family, lifelong friends, and a new home. SEA Admit showed me the beauty of UCLA while also introducing me to a support system that would take care of me while I was away from home. If it wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t be where I am now.