Housing Coordinators

Our Housing Coordinators Richard Nguyen, Catherine Tran, and Jenny Long have put in valiant efforts in order to make sure our attendees have somewhere to stay during the weekend! Through tabling outside multiple areas and publishing our flyers in dining halls, our Housing Coordinators were essential in finding hosts for our attendees.

Housing || Westminster, CA | 3rd Year | Psychobiology Major
SEA Admit has been one of the most worthwhile and best experiences of my life at UCLA and I love coming back to it every year. It has taught me to embrace my identity as a Southeast Asian American, and work towards improving conditions for my community. It has taught me how being Vietnamese intersects with the many aspects of my daily life and inspired me to become a psychiatric pharmacist  and combat the stigma surrounding mental health and medicine. There definitely can be bumps along the long road that is college, but I am forever grateful for SEA Admit for providing me with a loving SEApport system that I can rely on through the good times and the bad. My SEA Admit family, Tastsea Tiramiseau, has provided with with countless memories and friends, and there’s no better feeling than seeing my kids find their way and succeed at UCLA. It’s a reminder the impact SEA Admit has, and the community that it fosters. When I’m not doing SEA Admit work/studying, you can find me volunteering as a Pharmacy technician at the Veteran’s Home, eating KBBQ/drinking boba, or watching Parks and Rec or Game of Thrones (Lannister for life). I love SEA Admit and can’t wait to SEA you all there!!

Housing || Huntington Beach, CA | 1st Year | Psychobiology Major
Hello! I’m one of the Housing Coordinators for SEA Admit Weekend 2018! Although I was unable to attend this event last year, I have heard nothing but positive things and stories about it from my friends who came and made memorable memories and lasting companions. This was enough to convince me to apply for SEA Admit staff, and here I am now. 🙂  This is a fantastic event for students to learn out more about themselves, their community, and college life at UCLA! Come out and volunteer, and can’t wait to SEA you there!

Housing || Garden Grove, CA | 1st Year | Psychobiology Major
SEA Admit Weekend was the program that convinced me to call UCLA my home for some of the most important years of my life. As an attendee just last year, I was able to experience and be a part of a community filled with unconditional support for each other. While learning about life in college and how to navigate it,  the stories of the students and their dedication really resonated with me, and I knew that I wanted to return to this program to give back to the community that brought me here. Currently, I am an intern for the Vietnamese Student Union where I can develop and reflect on myself as well as learn about my community. Outside of studying, I love eating snacks, running, baking, cooking, and talking to friends!