Logistics Coordinators

Our Logistic Coordinators Brigitte Phung and Huy Dinh are a central component in making SEA Admit run smoothly. They’ve dedicated countless hours getting supplies, printing out flyers, archiving, and ensuring that the other components have all the materials they need!

Logistics || San Gabriel, CA | 1st Year | Physiological Sciences Major
SEA Admit was one of the largest determining factors in my decision to go to UCLA because it connected me to such a loving community I knew I could turn to throughout my undergraduate years. I value SEA Admit and VSU for giving me a space where I could embrace my Vietnamese identity and for giving me numerous opportunities to grow. SEA Admit was one of the best highlights of my senior year, so I am super excited to be on staff this year! I am also involved in HOPE Internship, Vietnamese Culture Night, and Alternative Breaks. A fun fact about me is that I’m rooming with two of my SEA Admit sisters next year!

Logistics || Northridge, CA | 2nd Year | Bioengineering Major
Hey everyone! I’m Huy Dinh and this will be my first year with SEA ADMIT! Although I am a little bummed from missing out on SEA ADMIT Weekend as a high school senior, I’m definitely excited to now be part of such an amazing program!
Thanks to the SEA community here at UCLA, I’ve met some really amazing people who I’ve been able to connect and share memorable experiences with. I can’t imagine how my college experience would have been different without them. With that said… Apply to SEA ADMIT! This year will be SEA ADMIT’s 10th year anniversary and so we’re gonna be working extra hard to make it special. I look forward to meeting you all then!