Logistics Coordinators

Johnny Dang

Westminster, CA

3rd Year | Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

As a first generation college student, going to college was a terrifying experience. SEA Admit gave a welcoming community that I knew I could always go to for assistance. That’s why I’ve come back to support SEA Admit every year. My favorite thing about UCLA so far has been the opportunity I’ve gotten to explore my interests and find out who I am as a person!



Nina Doan

Moreno Valley, CA

1st Year | Major: Life Science

Although I may not know much about what I want to do in college, I know for sure that SEA Admit is something I want to participate in for sure. SEA Admit weekend was super fun for me and I hope to make it a fun experience for other students as well. On campus, I am a member of VSU. My favorite thing about UCLA is the beautiful campus. When I have free time I like to walk around campus and explore by myself.