Outreach Coordinators

Our Outreach Coordinators Tammy Truong, Lianna Kishi, Liana Ngo, and Megan Phan are possibly what made you aware or interested in SEA Admit in the first place! In addition to outreaching to students, our Outreach Coordinators have played a critical role in recruiting volunteers and organizing event registrations.

Outreach || Rowland Heights, CA | 3rd Year (Transfer Student) | Sociology Major, Asian American Studies Minor
Although this is my first time participating in any SEA Admit Weekend, my experience has been rewarding. I was already part of Asian Pacific Coalition on campus, but I wanted to contribute to my Southeast Asian community in a more direct and meaningful way. As an Outreach Coordinator, I handle the logistics of reaching out to attendees as well as volunteers. I was previously hesitant to claim a Southeast Asian identity because I am ethnically Chinese. However, my decision to join SEA Admit reaffirmed that my personal histories were not exclusive to the broader Southeast Asian American narrative. I am eager to develop fruitful relationships, to learn, and to continue uplifting my own community through direct action.

Outreach || Villa Park, CA | 1st Year | Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Computing
Growing up as a multi-ethnic kid, I always felt as though I never really belonged. To my Japanese side, I felt disconnected and unaware of my culture. To my Vietnamese side, I felt unaccepted for my inability to speak the language and simply, to the opinion of even some close friends, that I was “not Vietnamese enough.” When I came to SEA Admit as an attendee, I was worried I would feel this same exclusion but discovered a whole new perspective along with a supportive group of individuals who went through similar challenges. With workshops and discussions relating to issues of language barriers and multi-generational cultural gaps, I learned that I was not alone in my struggles. Everyone I met through SEA Admit was vastly different from each other in some way, but our similarities and acceptance of each other’s differences convinced me that I had finally found a family and place where I belonged.

Outreach || Hercules, CA | 2nd Year | Asian Humanities Major
Back at this again with the goal to help the kids from my community learn to love UCLA as much as I did when I experienced SEA Admit myself. Hopefully this year, we’ll be able to help all of you find the community that I found while I was here. Even if this program doesn’t help you find that community, you’ll be able to find wherever you decide to go. Like I not only have my SEA community that I can go to, but I can also go to all of my friends that I’ve made in my Korean club, Hanoolim: KCAG, which I am also an event coord for. Also besides finding whoever you clique with best, embrace everything you generally like because there are always going to be people who like them too. There are also a lot of CUTE DOGS here, so this is the place to go!

Outreach || Mansfield, TX | 1st Year | International Development Studies Major
SEA Admit Weekend was such an integral part of my college decisions. It was probably the first time I’ve ever been pushed to truly think about what it means to be Southeast Asian, especially coming from a place where I never got the chance to talk about it. As an attendee just last year, I’ve met the most amazing people that I still talk to this day and have made my college transition all the better. It’s great to find so many familiar faces already when you come to campus. Learning more about my cultural identity allowed me to realize that I have a community, a support system. This is a community I will fight and advocate tirelessly for. This program has given me so much (I mean they FLEW me from Texas), it only felt natural to give back this year as Outreach Coordinator! I’m so excited to meet my family and all potential Baby Bruins. Seeking out future kiddos to tag in memes and go on food adventures with!! Shout out the Sugary SEA-plenda fam, especially Momma Wendy and Poppa Kevin, y’all are the best and I don’t know where I would be without you!!