Outreach Coordinators

Ashley Hanson

Westminster, CA

4th Year | Major: Psychobiology

Four years ago, I came to SEA Admit as a high school student. Every year afterward I’ve involved myself in the program and loved it and all the students I meet and all the staff I get to work with. I’m currently am getting certified as an EMT and on the side I have an internship at UCLA Reddick Neuropsychoatric Hospital and work with kids with ASD. My favorite thing about UCLA is the people and environment here. A fun fact about me is that I am a potato.

Diana Doan

Westminster, CA

3rd Year | Majors: Economics and Education

Bad puns are the most fun. I enjoy wasting my time on social media, napping, and obviously working with SEA admit. I love working with kids and hope to one day be an educator. My guilty pleasure is looking at memes.

Vi Nguyen

Orange County, CA

3rd Year | Major: Biology

I fell in love with SEA Admit because it was the reason why I chose to go to UCLA. I met some of my close friends at SEA Admit and it’s one of the programs that I believe will influence a lot of students’ lives. I am also involved in the Pre-Pharmacy Society on campus. My favorite thing about UCLA is the Janss Steps because every single time I am stressed out, I would go to the Janss Steps and think “Wow, this is why I am here.” Fun fact about me: I have a fake dimple.