Professional Outreach Coordinators

Our Professional Outreach Coordinators Joseph Nguyen and LeAnn Pham have worked extremely hard in order to get professors and TAs to hold office hours for our attendees to get a taste of what college classes are like!

Prof. Outreach || Huntington Beach, CA | 2nd Year | Human Biology and Society BA; Asian Languages and Linguistics BA
Coming into SEA Admit last year as a workshop facilitator and an uncle, coming to SEA Admit as staff felt a bit like being an attendee myself. It became the place where I met some of my closest friends, whether they were on staff or if they were attendees, and it became the place that i found something I really loved about UCLA, as late as it was when I discovered it. I am currently the Westminster Site Coordinator for Project HOPE, where I can help high school students, especially those of Vietnamese/Southeast Asian background, find their own communities and discover their own identities in order to reach their greatest potentials. SEA Admit helped me realize my passion for my culture and higher education, and it helped me throw off the dumb pre-med shackles and pursue things I really wanted to pursue. Here’s to a great weekend!

Prof. Outreach || Camarillo, CA | 3rd Year | Political Science and Asian American Studies Major, Cognitive Science Minor
I’m embarrassed to admit that I used to believe that my Vietnamese Identity could be separated from my American identity. I could choose to eat a turkey sandwich at lunch instead of com tam or speak English in my Vietnamese speaking home. But my experience attending SEA Admit and being a Bruin these past three years have proved to me that being Vietnamese is not an identity that I could choose to ignore or hide when I wanted to. SEA Admit was one of the first times that I felt like it was okay to embrace my parents’ unique history and the differences that I have seen in my household vs households in the media. Moving forward to this year, I am the Professional Outreach Co-Coordinator for the Admit weekend. My job is to find Southeast Asian alumni, professors, and TAs who are as excited and passionate as I am to help these incoming students find direction professionally and emotionally. What once was a characteristic of my identity that I tried to control, is now a strength that I carry with me through all of the obstacles that I have faced so far.