Publicity Coordinators

From designing the shirt and logo to creating flyers and posts, our Publicity Coordinators Christine Doan and Kavin Tran played a large role in shaping this year’s brand and theme.

Upland, CA | 1st Year | Business Economics Major
SEA Admit had a profound impact on me when I attended last spring. Through my SEA Admit family, I was able to find a support system that constantly gave me both life and school advice, pushed me to step outside my comfort zone, and provided their lively company. More so, attending SEA Admit gave me the chance to reflect and connect with my cultural identity–something that I wasn’t able to do anywhere else. I was unaware of the significance my heritage held, and SEA Admit has greatly encouraged me to discover more about my Vietnamese culture.
Aside from being a Publicity Coord for SEA Admit, this year I’ve also joined my first hip hop training team (REV–foundations!!) and became an intern for Vietnamese Student Union.


Sacramento, CA | 4th Year | Biochemistry Major
The last thing I thought about before going into college was my culture. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my time at UCLA and it’s all thanks to SEA Admit. SEA Admit taught me how to be vulnerable and open to new people and experiences. It’s led me to meet some of my closest friends and newfound families. I would not be where I am today had I not gone to SEA Admit and gotten involved with the program in college. Every year, I seem to come back. Not because I have to, but because I genuinely enjoy seeing what the program can do for other students who were just like me.
In my time at UCLA, I have been very involved with VSU events. I was an intern my first year, Social Affairs Coordinator my second year, and Internal Vice President my third year. I am currently taking a class to become an EMT and will hopefully attend med school in the future.