Publicity Coordinators

Darin Buzon

Redlands, CA

2nd Year | Major: Design Media Arts

Hi! My name is Darin, one of the publicity coordinators this year! Although a SEA student myself, I actually wasn’t able to attend SEA Admit when I was accepted into UCLA. And so I missed out on all the amazing stories and experiences people bring back from that weekend when entering university. But most importantly I missed out on the chance to really reflect on how my SEA background has affected my life, how it has provided me perspective, and how it is relevant to the everyday work that I do. Flash forward to now, having been surrounded with many different types of people, different sorts of opportunities, and long-lasting memories, I realized that I needed to give back to this community that has guided, shaped, and empowered me to be the better visionary and human being that I am today. If it were not for the resilient, driven, and welcoming people here in this UCLA SEA community, I cannot imagine how drastically different my time here in university would be. I am who I am today because of this awesome community, and that community is built starting day one: at SEA Admit Weekend! SEA Admit Staff has been working hard to provide you newly admitted students the best experience possible. We hope you enjoy SEA Admit Weekend as much as we will! See you here!

Elyse Cao

Yorba Linda, CA

3rd Year | Major: Psychobiology

SEA Admit Weekend is such an impactful experience that ultimately solidified my decision to attend UCLA. From attending as a high school senior to being a family head, I’ve built lasting relationships through this program. My favorite thing about UCLA is the diverse group of friends that I have made. This school consists of people of so many different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Every person here has a unique story, and it’s so interesting to learn something unexpected from every person you meet. A fun fact about me is that I have really ugly feet but a beautiful heart.

Katie Han

Yorba Linda, CA

3rd Year | Major: Communications

When I decided to attend SEA Admit as a senior in high school, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought I would just be able to see what it was like to live in the dorms, eat the dining hall food, and tour campus all for free! But SEA Admit gives you so much more than that. SEA Admit provided me with such a tight-knit community that I knew would support me whether I decided to attend UCLA or not. SEA Admit really did change my life and open my eyes up to so many different aspects of my identity that I never realized before. Apply to SEA Admit! I promise you will not regret it!

Hoang Ho

San Diego, CA

3rd Year | Major: Biology

When I was first admitted to UCLA, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Coming from a background that is different from many others, I was wondering whether I will be able to find someone here who can listen to my stories. As soon as I put my first step onto this campus, I was welcomed with open arms. Throughout the weekend, there wasn’t a single moment I’d wish to forget. From the exciting moment of finding out my family heads, to the bittersweet moment of saying good bye, I treasure every second of it. The experience was beyond what I was expecting and SEA Admit was one of the main reason why I chose UCLA. This is going to be my third year volunteering with SEA Admit and the excitement never seemed to lessen one bit.