Tour Coordinators

Louis John Manuel

Cerritos, CA

4th Year | Major: History

My name is Louis John Manuel (silent S). I like basketball, hip hop, and history. I love SEA Admit because the relationships cultivated during the weekend last much, much longer. I am involved in VSU and the History Honors Society. My favorite thing about UCLA is the family that I’ve found in VSU. I once saw Miranda Cosgrove order a sandwich, so I ordered a sandwich. It was awesome.

Hamilton Tran

Orange, CA

1st Year | Major: Chemical Engineering

I love to mountain bike and play all sports. I wanted to join the Sea Admit team, because of its ability to help students make relationships that last. I got to meet people from all of the USA and learn about everything UCLA. The encouraging atmosphere at UCLA is by far the most appealing thing here. People are always willing to help you in school and life, regardless of a curve. I’m currently a member of VSU, UCLA Ultimate Frisbee Team, and Alumni Scholars Club. Fun fact about myself is that I pulled out teeth before!