Tour Coordinators

We have our incredible Tour Coordinators Tiffani Vuong and Trixie Le to thank for managing an amazing group of tour facilitators in order to organize a fun and engaging UCLA campus tour in regards to our campus’s rich cultural history.


Tour Coord || Alhambra, CA | 2nd Year | Civil & Environmental Engineering Major

Honestly when I first got the invite to attend SEA admit 2 years ago I brushed it off. Coming from a city with a pretty big Asian population, I thought I knew all I needed to know about being Asian. And I figured anything I didn’t know, I would never need to know. So, I left the page and didn’t even give it a second thought. Well, that is until someone called me, promising some of that FREE dining hall food if I attended. (I mean, how could I resist the nation’s best dining hall food?) And all of a sudden, I was saying bye to my mom and heading off to UCLA for the next 4 days. Everything about the weekend was just so amazing, from the workshops to the tour to the talent show to staying up late with the fam and learning that I absolutely suck at Avalon. Now I can say, I have literally never been so happy to be so sleep deprived. And that’s why I decided to come back this year and give back to this amazing program. As tour coordinator, I hope to give all the attendees a great memory of UCLA, and make them fall in love with the program just as I have <3


Tour Coord || San Jose, CA | 3rd Year | Physiological Science Major

Hello! I am the tour coordinator for SEA ADMIT. Even though I did not attend SEA Admit as an incoming freshmen, my involvement with the program during college has inspired pursue the Tour Coordinator position. Each time I participated in SEA admit as a general volunteer or a host, I was inspired by the students coming into SEA ADMIT. As college students at UCLA, we often forget how lucky we are to be here. And talking to these students is not only rewarding, but helps me reinvigorate my own passions for school. Not only that, but community that SEA admit provides is supportive, foundational, and loving.