Transportation Coordinators

Our Transportation Coordinators Amy Nguyen, Dana Tran, and Hope Pham did a fabulous job providing travel scholarships and recruiting drivers for this year’s SEA Admit! If you had assistance traveling here, you can thank our wonderful Transportation Coordinators for that!

Transportation || Huntington Beach, CA | 1st Year Psychobiology Major
Hello hello! SEA Admit, a big factor in my decision to attend UCLA, gave me the opportunity to experience the college life and embrace my SEA identity. As your transportation coordinator, I hope to be a part of your SEA Admit experience as well!
Falling in love with the campus, the food, and the people, I knew that UCLA was a place I could call my home. In such a large campus, I was so afraid of feeling small. However, with my SEA family, I’ve never felt more welcome.
Ever since then, I’ve gotten more involved with the SEA community, volunteering as a HOPE intern and I am SEAriously so grateful for this program!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Transportation || Van Nuys, CA | 2nd Year | Neuroscience Major, Education Studies Minor
Attending SEA Admit in high school definitely impacted my choice to attend UCLA. I was able to gleam a greater understanding into my culture and identity. The SEA community here is so supportive and helps empower me to make a difference in inequities. On campus, I am involved in stroke research and am the president of Peaks & Professors at UCLA. I am beyond grateful for all my experiences at UCLA. The diversity of the campus and the talented people I have met are amazing!

Transportation || Murrieta, CA | 1st Year | Political Science Major
Greetings! SEA Admit Weekend is a phenomenal opportunity to meet remarkable people. I found my best friends at UCLA through this extraordinary event, and I am extremely fortunate to have such a supportive SEA family (and extended SEA fam). SEA Admit is packed with occasions for dancing, touring, eating, and, my favorite part, talent show performances. Traditional dance, in particular, was so beautiful and colorful and entrancing. I am incredibly blessed to dance with Trad and to have discovered a love for the vibrant Vietnamese culture. Through SEA Admit, I also encountered people who can relate to the language barrier and the intimidating expectations. I wanted to be a part of SEA Admit for the students who, like me, grew up with limited exposure to their culture and had few to zero South East Asian friends. I am ecstatic to participate behind the scenes this year as one of the transportation coordinators to arrange transport for the SEA Admit participants. I can’t wait to share the intricaSEA of the South East Asian culture!