Workshop Coordinators

Kavin Tran

Sacramento, CA

3rd Year | Major: Biochemistry

SEA Admit was one of the best things I did in high school. It was one of the biggest reasons I came here in the first place. I fell in love with the campus and the people and I discovered so many new things about myself and my community. I am currently the Internal Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Union and my favorite thing about UCLA are my interns, who chose to dedicate their time for little old me <3 Shoutout to them!


Phillip Phan

Mountain View, CA

3rd Year | Major: Anthropology

As Workshop facilitator, it’s my job in organizing workshops and developing the workshop facilitators. I love SEA Admit because it offer students a safe and supportive community. Programs like this allow students to embrace their Southeast Asian identity and understand that they are never alone; they’ll always be able to have a support system and people that care for them. As a VSU Intern, I am heavily invested in the Vietnamese Student Union and its mission. VSU has truly allowed me to feel in touch with my Southeast Asian identity and taught me how important it is to give back to my community; a community that has always been there to support me every step of the way. That’s my favorite thing about UCLA. The resources and opportunities are endless. Fun Fact: I have more conversations with myself on a daily basis than anyone else. I’m also super cute.

Bessy Vang

Merced & Fresno, CA

4th Year | Major: World Arts & Cultures/Visual Arts and Performance | Minor: Education

Bessy Vang is a 4th year World Arts and Culture (WAC) major and Visual and Performance Arts Education (VAPAE) minor. Bessy is an aspiring filmmaker, wanting to make films about her community and for her community. She is also an Arts Educator, hoping to one day provide art programs for low-income communities. This year, Bessy has been sworn in as President of the Association of Hmong Students. As a 4th year, Bessy is basking in the sun and savoring every moment of her final year at UCLA!