UCLA offers a breadth of organizations for students to explore. Among the multitude of organizations are these award-winning performance-based groups.


As a performance-based co-ed group at UCLA that strives to share our passion for music with the greater Los Angeles community, we were founded in 2006 as a musical component in UCLAʼs annual Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN). In 2010, we began to diversify our sound and regrouped to form AweChords A Cappella, as we expanded in both music genres and showcase performances, in addition to perform continually at VCN every year for an audience of over 2,000 people. We are devoted in spreading our joy for music to the people in the UCLA campus as well as the surrounding local community. Our repertoire ranges from pop to rock to show tunes, and we are constantly working on new pieces to share with our audiences. Our arrangements are all done originally by our very own aspiring members, who hope to share the love and passion for music with others. Above all, AweChords is a home away from home. We aim to create life-long bonds that will last years after we have finished our last annual performance, as the group thrives and evolves in ways beyond just making music.

YouTube: AweChords (Playlist of all uploads)

Traditional Dance

Hello SEA Admitters!! We are this year’s Vietnamese Culture Night’s Traditional Dance’s coordinators. Much like all of you, we attended SEA Admit four years ago and were once in your shoes, deciding on what school to SIR to and what colleges to visit. Upon coming to UCLA we joined Traditional Dance in our second year and came back as coordinators in our fourth year. With Traditional dance we aim to preserve the traditional arts and promote cultural awareness as we create a community within each other, a SEApport system, a home away from home, a family. It is more than just dancing with hats, fans, and etc, it is the bond and friendships we created through this experience and Trad will always have a special place in all of our hearts. We hope that you can come SEA it for yourself. If you have any questions or just want some friends to talk to about Trad or SEA Admit or college or life or anything, feel free to contact us at vcn.trad.ucla@gmail.com. Below are our two sets that we performed at VCN this year.

Thai Student Association

Thai Student Association (previously known as Thai Smakom) is an organization established in 1980 by 8 international Thai Students who sought to increase the visibility of Thai and Thai-American culture at UCLA. Supported by students, faculty and the Thai Consulate, we program events to support Thai Students. We welcome everyone (undergraduate, graduate and alumni) from any heritage and background, Thai and non-Thai alike. As UCLA’s Thai Student Association, we strive to provide Bruins with the experience and exposure of our Thai Culture through socials, cultural events, community service as well as our annual marquee event: Thai Culture Night Production.
Last year’s Thai Culture Night is “Fabric” by Henry Ong, a docu-fiction based on real events. On August 2, 1995, in El Monte, California, 72 Thai workers are discovered in a sweatshop apartment complex, ringed with barbed wire and spiked fences. The true story of modern-day slavery in the garment industry, and the first modern day slavery case in the United States. This year, the play is based on a real slavery case that affected Thai-Americans here in Los Angeles. The late Henry Ong worked extremely hard to interview the garment workers and real life characters portrayed in the play, so we are honored to be able to perform it with the support of his sister, Stella Ong and husband, Matthew Black.

United Khmer Students

United Khmer Students is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering a positive environment for Khmer students and Khmer culture at UCLA. The club serves to represent and be an active voice for the greater Cambodian community and to advocate for its relevant issues. Due to the lacking representation of Khmer people, UKS feels itself to be a necessary component within the UCLA community. UKS not only provides a social environment for Khmer and non-Khmer students alike but works towards creating a politically and culturally active space. The club is consistent with cultivating cultural education and traditions for its general membership as well as providing leadership opportunities for members to be involved within their communities.
One of our favorite parts about UKS is our annual Culture Night. It is a time for all the members to get involved and have fun while also discovering more about their culture and having the opportunity to share it with the UCLA community. After months of practice and preparation, it all culminates into a huge production held on UCLA campus where many family and friends from Southern California come out. There are plenty of opportunities where you can participate, including a play dealing with past and current issues relating to the Khmer community, traditional dance performances, film segments, martial arts demonstrations and much more. Not much of an actor? Don’t worry! From dancers to set designers, filmmakers to stage crew, there are plenty of open positions available for our members to shine. You won’t regret the lifelong memories and strong bonds formed. Come out to one of our general meetings to find out how you can be a part of our culture night!

VSU Modern

VSU Modern is now onto its 15th year as one of UCLA’s premiere hip hop dance teams. With its origins rooted in UCLA’s annual Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN), over the years, VSU Modern has evolved into a close-knit team fueled by a passion for dance. Having performed at various competitions and showcases throughout the year, such as Battle Royale, Kenya Dance SoCal, Urban Street Jam, UVSA, Showdown, Bridge SoCal, Bridge Norcal, WOD Bay Area, and Prelude Vegas, VSU Modern thrives on a commitment for their hunger to learn and dance. With a legacy spanning 15 years, and hundreds of dancers from all backgrounds, even including those with no prior dance experience, VSU Modern is bonded by a love for each other; dancers first, family always. VSU Modern, it makes you wanna dance!