Getting Here

The goal of SEA Admit Weekend is to invite all of the Southeast Asian admits to UCLA, giving them the opportunity to spend a weekend experiencing life as a Bruin. SEA Admit Weekend is not only an opportunity to experience college life at UCLA, but it is also a great chance to gain community awareness, learn how to utilize resources and opportunities offered at UCLA, and build lasting relations with fellow admits and the Southeast Asian community.

In an effort to make this program equally accessible to all applicants regardless of background, we are offering travel scholarships for applicants who may encounter difficulties financing their transportation to and from UCLA


Admits from Other Areas

Yes, this travel scholarship is for you.

We will be providing some travel scholarships to help cover the costs of train or airfare. Once approved for the scholarship, you will obtain a voucher to subsidize your round-trip plane ticket to LAX or a ticket for Amtrak. Selection will be based on financial need, relative distance from UCLA, and essay answers.


Admits from Orange County or Los Angeles

Free, need-based transportation will be provided and this travel scholarship is not for you.

No cost, need-based transportation can be provided for you at our two pickup locations, San Gabriel High School and Westminster High School. Therefore, if you live in and around one of these two areas, it is not necessary for you to apply for our travel scholarship. Likewise you may be dropped off and picked up by a family member. If you are from these areas or further areas such as San Diego, we will also try to arrange carpooling to save costs in the event that you have a car and would like to drive up yourself.


We highly encourage you to provide your own transportation to and from UCLA. If you cannot, please indicate the type of transportation you will need on the general application.

The Transportation Scholarship Application for Northern California and out-of-state students can be found on the Transportation Scholarship Application page.