Keynote Speaker

Join us for the 2020 SEA Admit Weekend Keynote Speech this Saturday! Rita Phetmixay will share her insight and experiences of how her Southeast Asian background has impacted her academic and career life, how she gives back to the SEA community through her “Healing Out Lao’d” podcast, and how SEA Admit can help our community move forward. Hear her inspiring story and advice on how to connect with your SEA identity and thrive in the GalaxSEA of Possibilities that awaits you at UCLA and beyond!

When: Saturday, April 18 at 10:30AM PDT
Where: Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 968 3883 6378
Password: sawkeynote


Rita Phetmixay is a 2nd generation Lao Isaan American femme/womxn, politicized healing practitioner, social entrepreneur, independent audio producer, and an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. Rita’s work is inspired by her own traumatic experiences of overcoming domestic violence and sexual assault, fueling her to address the complex issues of refugee familial intergenerational trauma, healing, and resilience in her current podcast and consulting platform: Healing Out Lao’d