SEAing the Bigger Picture

With community issues evolving and its demographics changing, one can easily lose sight of the bigger picture that holds it all together. As the dynamics of southeast Asian communities change, so too does the attitude and approach of the underlying issues that our communities face.

This year, SEA Admit Weekend wishes to address the rapid change and progress of the SEA community and help students reflect on all that has brought them to this point in time; to see past ourselves and more into our larger communities and what roles we can do to advance our respective communities. “SEAing the Bigger Picture” is a reminder of what challenges our community faces, continue to face, and what we can do as a collective people to combat and overcome issues that intersect on a multidimensional level.

As people of color, SEA Admit aims to provide an opportunity for newly admitted SEA students to reflect on their backgrounds, how it is relevant and affects their daily lives, and how they can take advantage of their respective identities in order to empower others, themselves, and their community. By “SEAing the Bigger Picture,” students are able to contextualize the challenges that face them collectively and tackle individual issues to paint that better picture they wish for themselves; ultimately shaping students to be more informed problem solvers, leaders, and advocates for their community as they enter university.