What To Bring


  1. FOUR Waiver Forms (was sent out with your RSVP email)
  2. PHYSICAL AMTRAK TICKET (if you are from NorCal) or AIRPLANE BOARDING PASS (out-of-state or NorCal)
  3. Sleeping Bag or Blankets + Sheets
  4. Pillows
  5. Toiletries: Towel, Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, etc.
  6. Shower Shoes (flip-flops)
  7. Towel
  8. Cell Phone Charger
  10. Enough clothes for 3 mornings and 3 nights AND comfortable walking shoes
    • Make sure to include:
      • Business Casual Attire for the Student/Alumni Reception Dinner
        • NO JEANS for this specific event
      • A jacket for nighttime
      • Casual “City Lights” attire for Dance
  11. Identification (High School I.D., Driver’s License, etc.)


What Does Business Casual Look Like?

  • For guys, we suggest a button-down dress shirt, tie, and slacks
  • For girls, we suggest a nice blouse with a skirt/dress pants or dress coupled with a blazer
  • Here’s an example of SEA Admit Students in business casual from last year



  1. Camera
  2. Extra money for souvenirs and snacks
  3. Sunglasses and/or hat


**Remember to pack SMART as SEA Admit Weekend lasts a few days and nights. Also consider the space in the host’s dorm room.