SEA Admit Weekend is about bringing equal opportunity to Southeast Asian high school students. Through this weekend spent on campus, students are given the chance to learn from fellow admits, current UCLA undergraduates students, and even UCLA alumni.

While some peer to peer learning takes place in casual interactions within their SEA Admit families and through various group activities, admits will also have the chance to formally gain new skills and knowledge through introspective and insightful workshops.

WorkshopsFacilitatorsTime (PDT/CA time)DescriptionZoom LinkMeeting IDPassword
SEAolidarityJessica Tran, Karmen PangFriday, Apr. 17
1:30pm-2:45pm (PDT)
What exactly does it mean to be SEA (Southeast Asian)? Take a moment to discover what your identity means to you and how you can build a SEAport system within the SEA community. Through an introspective lens, you will get the chance to exSEAplore the connection between your SEA identity and community, learning that despite our differences, we stand united.Zoom Link919 1685 5984
ExSEAploring Careers and Opportunities
Karmen Pang, Jessica Tran
Friday, Apr. 17
3:00pm-3:45pm (PDT)
Not sure what careers you want to pursue in the future or how to go about SEAking opportunities to be successful? SEAze the opportunity to exSEAplore various profeSEAons and resources you can take advantage of!
Zoom Link935 3108 103712345
SEA me as I amTiffany Dong, Tom Nguyen, Henry Nguyen
Saturday, Apr. 18
11:30am-12:30pm (PDT)
This will be an interactive workshop discussing the stereotypes, stigmas, and prejudices the SEA community faces. We will define what these terms mean, but most importantly, we’ll discuss the impact these issues have on our lives in order to bring awareness to our community as a whole. Zoom Link949 6647 9114Lyndonbui
SEAcure the bag
Dorothy Nguyen, Katie NguyenSaturday, Apr. 18
3:00pm-4:00pm (PDT)
Do you know how to manage $30,000 of cost attendance every year? Learn the ins and outs of different loan types, scholarships, student jobs, and regular spending money. Find out what financial resources are available for you Let’s get this degree and bread.
Zoom Link697 767 6966
You SEA DormsTiffany Dong, Tom Nguyen, Henry NguyenSunday, Apr. 19
1:00pm-2:00pm (PDT)
This will be an introduction to dorm life! Information will be provided on what UCLA’s dorms and dining halls are like. In addition, we’ll be discussing how to deal with various aspects of dorm life such as being away from home or communicating with your roommates.
Zoom Link949 6647 9114Lyndonbui

Workshop Recordings

SEAolidarity (Karmen Pang, Jessica Tran)

ExSEAploring Careers and Opportunities (Karmen Pang, Jessica Tran)

SEAcure the Bag (Dorothy Nguyen, Katie Nguyen)