Sea Admit Weekend is about bringing equal opportunity to Southeast Asian high school students. Through this weekend spent on campus, students are given the chance to learn from fellow admits, current UCLA undergraduates students, and even UCLA alumni.

While some peer to peer learning takes place in casual interactions within their Sea Admit families and through various group activities, admits will also have the chance to formally gain new skills and knowledge through two workshop series: the campus education workshop series and the cultural identity workshop series.

Campus Education:
Pick up the skills necessary to attain success through such workshops as how to network, how to choose your major, how to read your financial aid package, and much more.

Cultural Empowerment:
Empower yourself by gaining a deeper understanding of how your cultural identity shapes your past, present and future through workshops like artistic expression in SEA communities, SEA stereotypes and how to overcome them, SEA experience in higher education, and more.

Workshops Details Locations
SEA No Evil, Hear No Evil, SpEAk No  Evil Being Southeast Asian, there are many hidden traumas that may occur throughout one’s life. It is important to unfold these events and feelings in order to truly understand our identities. Take this workshop if you think you resonate with characteristics that belong to trauma and healing, and maybe you will find a piece of yourself you’ve been holding back. De Neve Magnolia 
SEAking Ways To Manage Time With so many new opportunities and responsibilities in college, it may become overwhelming to juggle everything at once. However, good time management can make all of it possible! Stop by this workshop to learn how you can make the most of your time everyday! De Neve Plaza B 
SEAing Past the Stereotypes Has anyone ever assumed that you love rice or play the piano? How often are you expected to be good at math and science, simply because you are Asian? There is a tendency to generalize groups of individuals based on ethnicity or race. Come to our workshop to learn more about how we can strip down stereotypes that often misrepresent the SEA community. De Neve Auditorium 
Career SEAcrets You are a newly admitted college freshman and you have no idea what you want to do with your life. Meanwhile, your friend is absolutely set on going to medical school, but has no idea on how to get there. Perhaps it’s the other way around. Whether or not you know what your desired career is, we want to help you consider your options and provide you with resources so that you can get a head start in pursuing your career. De Neve Auditorium 
Generational SEAparation ‘Tis the SEAson to stand in the corner at family gatherings with the rest of the kids until one of the adults approach, only for us to freeze up! Navigate with us through this thing we call the intergenerational gap and maybe we’ll find those hidden bits of love in between. De Neve Gardenia MPR 
Vitamin SEA and Gainz Feel sluggish at school? Want to impress that special someone? Wanna survive till old age and die with your college sweetheart? Start being fit today! DN Gardenia Meeting Room
EmbraSEAing <3 “Did you get 100% on that test? Because #asian #lol #lmao” Has anyone ever said that to you? Have you ever wondered about your SEA identity? No, like really wondered about it? About how it affects you by burdening, shaping, and boosting you… if so, come to our workshop to stay #woke and learn more about yourself and what you can do! De Neve Jacaranda 
SuccSEAding in College ClasSEAs college. COLLEGE??? INTIMIDATING??? Are you cats on hot bricks, worrying about how college will differ from high school and wondering how can you excel in this new terrain? Come learn the basics of classes, and STEM and Humanities majors, so you don’t dive into university academics blind nor feel so anxious that your eyes almost pop out of their sockets! De Neve Gardenia MPR 
SEAing your way out of Parental Pressures Do your parents want you to go to medical school, but you want to pursue the arts? You don’t want to sadden your parents, but you also don’t want to live a life you did not pick, so what do you do? Sign up for our workshop and learn how to stand up for your beliefs. De Neve Gardenia Meeting Room 
Planting your SEAds of success via Social and Professional Networking Worried your resume is going to be a bit blank? Don’t know where to start looking for the “experience” that you hear employers are looking for? Come through and we will show you how to make friends with professional benefits! Carnesale Commons Malibu 
Ain’t What It SEAms Uncover what you think it means to be Southeast Asian. What separates our identities from others’? What components make you you? Come find out more about your identity and SEA for yourself! De Neve B1 Lounge 
SEA Above the Influence Are you anxious about what to expect in college? Come and have a real conversation with us about different types of peer pressure that you may face as a college student. De Neve B1 Lounge 
Seaing True Beauty Society wants you to look and act according to its beauty standards. Let’s explore the different ways we can overcome these standards to find beauty within ourselves. De Neve A1 Lounge 
Seaking Out Roommates Your first year is going to be rough and having a bad roommate can make it even worse. Optimize your dorming experience by learning what to look for in roommates and how to deal with conflicts when they arises. De Neve Plaza A 
Lets Talk About SEAxuality Yaaasss queeen. Sexuality may be conceived as a rather taboo topic, but it doesn’t have to be at all. Pull through at this safe space in turn for an open mind–whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQA+ community or as an ally. De Neve Holly MPR 
SEAking Your Major Doctor? Engineer? Nurse? Lawyer? Doctor? As Southeast Asians, our parents often have this image of success and encourage us to follow it in our fields of study. Choosing your major may seem like daunting task, but it does not have to be at all. Stop by our workshop and let’s unpack the options you can pursue. De Neve Holly MPR 
Know Your SEAport System: We’re all Asian: that’s one thing we all have in common, but that isn’t all that brings us together. Explore the link between our SEA identity and the SEA community, including the wide range of SEA communities, our origins, and how we are all united as one despite our differences. De Neve Sycamore 
FinanSEAng Your Education Have questions about money? We got you covered. Walk through the SEA of finance as you enter your first year of college. With scholarships, loans, grants, and financial aid, let us help you understand your financial situation and navigate your way to an affordable college career. De Neve Sycamore 
SEAing Past Mental Health Stigmas Mental health is a part of our everyday lives, and yet it is often overlooked within the Southeast Asian community. Come find out how we can actively work on improving our own mental health and learn about the mental health resources offered on college campuses! Rieber Fireside Lounge #1 
Managing Stress the SEAmart Way Feeling stressed about your academics and future plans? Worried about the transition into college being too overwhelming? Our workshop will give you all the mechanisms and resources you need to be prepared for your battle against stress. De Neve Magnolia 
SEAing More Political Activism The Asian community in the United States suffers from a lack of political representation, whether it be at a collegiate, regional, state, or federal level. This issue is even worse for Southeast Asians, and as a result, many problems that specifically threaten our population often go unnoticed and unresolved. Get exposed, get informed, and get involved! Rieber Fireside Lounge #2 
SEAtepping Into A Whole New World Intimidated by college? Anxious about discovering what it’s really like at university? Worried that you won’t be able to find your own niche? Don’t worry, we gotchu! Check out our workshop to learn how to transition smoothly and to see the type of resources available on- and off-campus to help you have a successful first year! De Neve Jacaranda 
SEA-eizing the limelight!

Asians, specifically Southeast Asians, are very much underrepresented in media. Want to learn more about ways to combat these challenges? Stop by to learn more about Southeast Asian representation in the arts! Holly Meeting Room 
Finding friends in the big SEAAAA Nervous about finding friends in college? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Come by to get a glimpse of what college life is really like, and learn about different ways to make friends in college! Holly Meeting Room

Workshop Facilitators

 Amy Pham  Angela Tran  Anne Tran
 Briana Khuu  Chris Lam  Connie Tran
 Daisy Huynh  Danny Nguyen  Jason Bautista
 Jennifer Tang  Katelyn Nguyen  Kellina Tran
 Khanh Vinh  Kyle Huynh  Michelle Thach
 Michelle Tran  Nhi Truong  Nhu Dang
 Nina Long  Quynh Tran  Ryan Dang
 Sally Tu  Thomas Pham  Victor Minh Hoan
 Vivian Duong