The workshops at SEA Admit aim to develop students on their Southeast Asian identity by exploring different aspects of their identities and tapping into taboo topics within the community. Additionally, SEA Admit workshops will provide students with knowledge of the UCLA school system and life of a college student at UCLA.

With topics ranging from the generation gap to LGBTQIA to adjusting to college, we hope to facilitate conversations that go beyond the surface. We want the students to dig deep and learn about each other, their community, and most importantly, themselves. A lot of these workshop topics will be completely new to the students and we encourage the students step out of their comfort zones and be vulnerable with one another to truly embrace their SEA identity and culture.

As Workshop Coordinators, it’s our responsibility to train and develop the workshop facilitators in creating workshops aimed to persuade and invigorate young minds in reaching their truest potential as South East Asian individuals. In addition, we are also in charge of organizing the Student Panel, where the student will be able to hear the narratives of current UCLA students.

Workshop Facilitators

Angela Tran Kathy Quach Mayvera Doaran
Boonyapiwat Somboonsup Kevin Nguyen Michelle Vo
Brittney Le Kevin Pham Sally Tu
Christine Nguyen Khang Tran Sandra Ngo
Dominic Tran Kimberly Ma Thinh Nguyen
Emily Dovan Kimberly Thai Tim Nguyen
Jean Feng Kristen Law Vicky Le
Jonathan Huynh Kristy Vang Victor Tran
Joseph Nguyen Leann Pham Wendy Trang
Judy Pham Linda Do